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Check the status of Land Use Applications & Developments in your neighborhood.

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Accessory Living UnitEmail | Call: 352-374-5243

Website | Rural or Urban Checklist | Affidavit

Building PermitFees | Call: 352-374-5243

Process | Pre-Application | Application | Other Permits

Comprehensive Plan AmendmentEmail | 374-5249

Process | Application | Fees

Development ReviewEmail | Call: 352-374-5249

Process | Pre-Application | Application | Fees

Family Homestead ExceptionEmail | 374-5243

Requirements | Application | Certificate | Affidavit

Home Based BusinessEmail | Call: 352-374-5243

Requirements | General Appl. | Rural Application

Housing AssistanceEmail | Call: 352-337-6284

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Neighborhood Stabilization Program 3 337-6284

NSP Packet | Website | Email

Temporary PermitsEmail | Call: 352-374-5243

Types | Temporary Use Application

Rezoning or Special Use PermitEmail | 374-5249

Process | Application | Mailout or Owner's Affidavitt

VariancesEmail | Call: 352-374-5243

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Check the status of Land Use Applications & Developments in your neighborhood

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Phone/Fax (Area Code 352)

  • Planning (P) 374-5249 (F) 338-3224
  • Housing (P) 337-6284 (F) 381-0121
  • Permits, Code Enforcement & Zoning
    (P) 374-5243 (F) 491-4510

Advisory Committees

These Committees meet regularly and are open to the public. View Committee Meeting Dates/ Agendas with GM staff representation:


  • View the Business Resources Guide
    Alachua County is committed to creating a business-friendly, diverse and innovative environment where entrepreneurs thrive. Attracting and retaining businesses are key commitments to community prosperity.

    This Business Resources Guide is designed to meet your need for information, assistance and support in one of the most dynamic innovation environments in the state of Florida. It is designed as a directory; connecting entrepreneurs and business owners with service providers, support organizations and programs.

    Explore this guide to find out more about local, state and national programs, service providers and organizations that can help grow your business. Accessing these resources to make connections, develop and finance your business. It can also inform you of incentives and permits processing.

    Whether taking the first step to start a business, expanding to the next level, or considering relocating to our community, this guide is a great start to connect you with the resources of our community.

    The County values your decision to become part of the Alachua County business community. If you have questions or comments, please contact Edgar Campa-Palafox, Alachua County Economic Development Coordinator at (352) 374-5204 or email:

Questions? Call (352) 374-5249

Start and Locate a Business

Why Alachua County?

  • Alachua County has a lot to offer new and existing businesses, from highly educated employees to an easily accessible transportation network. Visit the data center of The Council for Economic Outreach to learn more about our business friendly community.

Choosing a business location

  • The Alachua County Department of Growth Management, in partnership with the local community, has strived to create land use policies that help businesses locate near major transportation and employment hubs (Activity Centers). Recently the department has spearheaded policies that allow Traditional Neighborhood Developments and Transit Oriented Developments (TOD) by right in many land use categories. TNDs and TOD's are mixed use communities, often along multi-modal transit lines, allowing employees to live within minutes of their work.
  • Any business must be located not only for the target audience, but in the appropriate zoning district.
    See the Use Table in the Unified Land Development Code to determine what zoning district(s) are necessary for your type of business

Questions? Call (352) 374-5249

  • Fill out an application for a General Home-Based Business.
  • Fill out an application for a Rural Home-Based Business
  • Register your business and obtain a local business tax receipt.
  • Use our Map Genius application to find out which zoning district your property is in.

Home Based Businesses

Starting a Home-Based Business is great way to supplement or replace your current income. In order to have a home-based business an application must be made to the Alachua County Building Department. General home-based businesses are allowed in any established residence, while Rural Home-Based Businesses are allowed only in the Agriculture zoning district.

General Home-Based Business Requirements

  • Only persons living at the residence may work at the home.
  • No more than 20% of the floor area of the residence may be used for the business.
  • Visitation Hours are restricted to the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • There can be no more than six customer visits in a day
  • Up to two additional parking spaces may be provided and must use the existing driveway for the site.
  • The permit is good for two years and costs $70.
  • Only one commercial vehicle and trailer may be parked on the site. Commercial vehicles cannot exceed 10,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight
  • See this page for more detailed information

Rural Home-Based Business Requirements

Allowed as an accessory use to a legal residential use in the Agriculture (A) zoning district, subject to administrative plan approval and in accordance with the following standards:

  • In addition to residents of the home, up to three additional employees may be allowed at the site.
  • The lot must be at least three acres in size.
  • No more than 20% of the floor area of the residence may be used for the business, and the business may be conducted in an accessory building.
  • Visitation and delivery hours are restricted to 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Up to three additional parking space may be provided and must use the existing driveway for the site.
  • Up to three one-ton capacity commercial vehicles may be parked on the site, including any customer vehicles parked for repair.
  • Landscaping shall be required to screen off-street parking or storage areas
  • This type of home-based business must be approved by Development Review Staff.
  • See this page for more detailed information.
  • Follow this link to the application for a Rural Home Based Business Permit.
  • The application will require a site plan to be submitted with the application that demonstrates how requirements are met.
  • The initial permit costs $600 and is good for two years, but can be renewed thereafter for $70 every two years.
  • For more information contact the Development Review Staff at (352) 374-5249.

Questions? Call (352) 374-5249

Qualified Target Industry (QTI)

What is Qualified Target Industry?

  • QTI is a program sponsored by the State of Florida that provides tax incentives for the location of specific types of businesses within Alachua County.
  • QTI businesses include bio-technology, green industries, and clean technology (a full list can be found here.)
  • QTI incentives must be approved by the Board of County Commissioners.

How does the County help QTIs?

  • 20% Local Match of Tax Incentives (more information on tax incentives can be found here).
  • Expedited Review of Development Plans
  • Meeting-intensive process designed to shorten communication time between staff and applicant.
  • Interactive plan review to reduce confusion and increase collaboration.
  • Contact the Development Review division for more information at (352) 374-5249.

How do I get started with the QTI program?

  • Alachua County is dedicated to providing the information and assistance you need for relocating a company, starting a business, or helping your existing business achieve success. We can guide you through local regulatory requirements, and present available state and local incentives.
  • Visit the website of the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce to learn more about why Gainesville/ Alachua County is a great place to build a business.
  • Visit the website of Innovation Gainesville to view a video highlighting the benefits of doing business in our community.
  • The Gainesville Area Innovation Network (GAIN) encourages technology entrepreneurs to start up and develop in the Gainesville area by providing them with support through networking and educational opportunities.