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At times the map colors may not display properly in your web browser. If you notice too many blank areas in your map, try downloading the pdf file to your hard drive and view/print the map from your computer. For more on this, please see the FAQ on your right.

Use this map to locate the STR for your area of interest and to determine whether an atlas map exists for it.

This is a county-wide searchable PDF Map Atlas. Maps and Searches by Section-Township-Range (STR) or by 'Land Grant'. Maps contain parcels overlayed with your choice of Future Land Use, Zoning, Wetlands, Floodplains, Strategic Ecosystems, Aerial Photography, or Topography.

The Atlas is updated each month, to reflect the latest parcels for the entire County and the latest Future Land Use and Zoning for the unincorporated areas of the County.

For the STR or 'Land Grant' associated with your location, click over the County map above.

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Having trouble using the Atlas?
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